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Featured on MOVE Lifestyle: Accentuate the Positive

Happy 2013!

Sylvia has recently started writing a few pieces for a fantastic up and coming blog called MOVE Lifestyle, which is the brainchild of actress Autumn Reeser (The OC, Last Resort, No Ordinary Family) and a few of her awesome friends. The blog is geared toward the modern woman who has a million things on her plate, a high standard of excellence for everything she does, and a dynamic and beautiful vision for the life she wants to create.

Syl’s latest post is called Accentuate the Positive, which was featured last week on MOVE as part of their 2013 Inspiration series during the month of January. The piece explores the reasons that being in front of the camera raises anxiety levels for so many people, and includes tips for becoming more comfortable while having your photo taken. All pretty valuable advice!

We hope you’ll check out Syl’s latest piece, and the rest of the blog as well. Like MOVE on FB here!


Thanks for stopping by, and here’s to an amazing 2013!

2012 So Far

Is it over yet?

What a year. At the beginning of 2012, everything looked hopeful in all areas of our life. We were excited to get back to the grind of work, and daydreamed about all of our home projects that we would tackle this year, and the fun new adventures we’d go on together, like we shared in our first post of the year. Unfortunately, the Powers That Be had a very different idea for the months to come. I guess when we said “For better or worse”, this year is definitely what we were talking about.

Feb- Adam’s stepdad’s cancer came back, sending him and Adam’s mom back to the old routine of doctors visits, tests and radiation.

March- Adam ran the LA Marathon with APLA. That was good. Very good.

Then my mom had some (more) health things come up and she had to have a(nother) surgery the day after the marathon. That was scary. But turned out well.

May- We had a garage sale. The biggest, craziest garage sale ever. That was good too, but a LOT of work.

July- Adam’s Gram had a couple strokes, putting her in the ICU at the same time his stepdad had one of his trips to the ER/cancer center.

The summer of 2012 was a summer of major crisis for our family, as we traveled frequently back and forth to Arizona to see everybody and help in any way we could.

Thankfully Adam’s Gram is recovering slowly as well, after a few setbacks. She’s currently in a rehab center getting some great care.

We’re so sad to say that Adam’s stepdad passed away in August after a 2-year battle with pancreatic cancer, and an awful, awful summer. We had his memorial almost a month ago in Arizona. It still doesn’t feel real, and needless to say, 2012 holidays are going to be very strange for us all.

Now we find ourselves in October, the year has flown by, and somehow time and life keeps marching on. Thanksgiving is in a month, and they’re already showing Christmas shopping commercials on tv.

Since August we have been making up for all the family/work related traveling we did from June through September, and trying to get back to some kind of routine. But…

September- Our car needed major work right before we went out to AZ for the memorial. And then the a/c at our place went out the week it was over 110 degrees in LA.

October- Our 1949 plumbing decided to act up, and back up our toilet, shower and bathtub. A couple times.

We look back on our life 2011 came to a close, and really can’t believe how different things are today. There is no more “normal”. Things don’t really make sense the way they used to. I guess all of that was always an illusion anyway.

Hoping this is the last of it for a good while. Welcoming all the good energy, abundance and awesomeness that’s out there. Thank you all for your continued love and support throughout this year and beyond.

Write in that gratitude journal and take note of all the blessings in your life. And hug your people just a little tighter. Because you just never know.


Syl & Adam

 Updated 11/19/2012: And there was more- Syl’s dad had to have emergency surgery. He is ok and in good hands with his family in El Salvador, but will have to go in for follow-up procedures in a few months. :(

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Lamm

Our friends Chris and Elise (fellow SC kids!) wanted to do a photoshoot for their Save-the-Dates, and of course in pure Hendershott style, we ended up doing a Mr. & Mrs. Smith concept (remember the scandalous Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie movie?), complete with guns, romance and mystery. Needless to say, that day was such a blast!

We always get such a kick out of seeing how photos from our shoots end up being used, and we are SO STOKED to share what they did with theirs. Here’s their AWESOME, completely exclusive, Mr. & Mrs. Lamm Save-the-Date DVD:

Dare we say, best Save-the-Dates, EVER!?

Makeup & Hair by Vio Meyners

Introducing Scout Smith

Late last year, a talented and gorgeous singer-songwriter named Scout Smith was struggling to find a photographer to shoot publicity photos for the new EP she was in the middle of recording. When her scheduled photoshoot fell through once again, a friend of hers pointed her in our direction and we were able to jump in and save the day! Our photoshoot was a total blast- Scout is so down to earth, fun and absolutely has “It”.

Originally from Anchorage, AK, Scout is now in Los Angeles promoting her new EP. Coming off of her 2011 Alaskan concert tour, 2012 is all about playing shows here in LA. Be sure to keep an eye out for her- Scout’s Official Facebook Page and ReverbNation feature her latest news and appearances.


Watch her perform her original song, Mr. Come Again (be sure to watch just after 1 minute, she’s so good!)


Photos by The Hendershotts, Makeup & Hair by VioletArtistry, Wardrobe by Tiffany Hendra

A Henderventure: A Milkshake Date

In the spirit of the day, we thought we’d share some photos from our puppy love photo date with Gigi and Jerden. Happy Valentine’s Day! ~ Adam & Syl Hendershott

Featuring Jerden and Gigi from Zuri; Makeup/Hair by Violeta Meyners; Location: Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, CA; 2009